Sanuki Udon Club

Sanuki Udon Club

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"Sanuki udon high-spirited acrobatic drifting artisan"

"Kagawa Prefecture Sanuki Udon Enthusiast Club"

"Drifting with the firmness of sanuki udon"

BY Front Row! & SHARP MP & FF with 峠のタコ野郎共 峠のタコ野郎共
"By Front Row! & SHARP MP & FF with touge octopus guys"

  • 7 x 2.5" in size
  • Professionally printed on high-quality outdoor vinyl
  • Sun & weather resistant
  • Die-cut for easy application

This is a part of a series of meticulous reproductions of old-school Japanese drift and street-racing (hashiriya) team stickers. Most of us aren't lucky enough to have originals of these stickers. If we do, they're so rare you'd be hard pressed to actually stick them on your car. These reproductions solve those problems.

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